Juicy Links: February 15 – February 19

Google Gets Into The SEO Consulting Business?

The Twitter community and blogosphere was ablaze with the rumor, or rather misunderstanding, that Google would begin giving SEO advice and certifing marketers for taking SEO clinics.

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Bing Indexing New Content & Sites Faster?

A WebmasterWorld thread has some positive news for the Microsoft Bing team! The thread is praising Bing for speeding up their indexing and ranking of new pages, updated content and new web sites.

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Google Blurs The Line Between Paid & Unpaid Results Again

Google has a new program that allows local businesses to get paid listings that appear within what’s known as the 7-pack of local listings. But do those listings violate the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines about proper disclosure of paid search ads? Probably not, but they do seem confusing.

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Google now targeting ads based on search history

Better contextual matching – As an AdSense partner, you know that Google is continually making improvements to the way we match ads to your content so that users see even more relevant ads, which should help you make more money over time…

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Why Free Shipping Works

There has been alot written on Practical eCommerce and elsewhere regarding free shipping and whether or not it makes sense for merchants to offer. Here is one company who shares their experience with it and tells you why it makes sense for them.
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Quick Query: PowerReviews CEO on Strategies for Product Reviews

An increasing number of ecommerce merchants are using product reviews. Many of these merchants find the reviews assist consumers in purchasing products that best fit their needs, making for a more satisfying shopping experience. But there are strategies for employing customer reviews, and some merchants are now using them in more innovative ways.
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Google Buzz: Why Gmail Puts It Into The Game

What’s the Buzz? It’s Google’s effort to weld social networking and content sharing onto its Gmail email service. It also poses the latest challenge for marketers to stay relevant and visible in the inbox.
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Putting Email Creative To The Test

If you haven’t committed your 2010 email resolutions to paper yet, you might want to think about adding a creative A/B test to the list. Here are four quick tips for successful testing…
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Around the Web:

Google’s High Speed Internet Initiative; and the Benefits of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Google announced an experiment: They are building a new broadband network. Their goal is to deliver Internet speeds to users “more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today with 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections” (according to the Google Blog). Their initial experiment will involve 50,000 to 500,000 people. If the experiment works and Google decides to scale this, it could have a major impact on the quality of our lives and on our economy.
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