It’s Game Time. Do You Know Where Your PPC Strategy Is?


Analyze Interest

Take some time to look closely at where your site’s foot traffic is coming from. If you’re able to analyze where the majority of your clicks originate, you’ll be able to quickly see how you need to tailor your strategy. This quick tip will help you determine whether or not your approach needs some polishing, and whether or not your keyword strategy is working properly. Monitor your campaigns regularly to keep abreast of your progress.

Enhance Relevancy

A poorly strategized campaign will offer ads that are only loosely tied to a user’s query, so you want to make sure that your ads provide relevant, related matches — no matter how specific. Ads should focus on pertinent topics and aim to answer user’s unique questions, thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll actually click on the ad. In other words, don’t expect generic ads to answer specific user queries.

Test Text Strategy

When you’re your text ad strategy, you’ll want to ask yourself a few important questions, like what has worked and not worked for you in the past? You can run a simple, effective test by having three similar ads per ad group with just one tiny, differing factor (like altering your call to action within each ad, for example) and then rotating them. Monitor the ads’ success or failure rate and then remove the lowest performing variations to help ensure that you get optimum success each time.