Is your website design attracting women?

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Would it surprise you to learn that men and women respond differently to website design?

That’s what two researchers found at the University of Glamorgan in Wales.

The piece of research, into what aesthetically appeals to males and females when surfing the web, has found that websites which might appeal greatly to one sex are a total no-no with the other.


Where visuals are concerned, males favour the use of straight lines (as opposed to rounded forms), few colours in the typeface and background, and formal typography. As for language, they favour the use of formal or expert language with few abbreviations and are more likely to promote themselves and their abilities heavily.

Women seemed to like pages with more color in the background and typeface, more rounded shapes and informal rather than posed pictures.

These results cross national lines.? The same research was repeated in France and in Poland.

The researchers looked at higher education organizations that were trying to attract men and women equally.? The survey showed 94% were biased towards men and only 2% towards women.

If your target audience is predominately women, you want to make sure your website design appeals to them.? Or at the very least combine aesthetics.