IRCE 2010 Chicago iPod Raffle Winner Announced – Wildcard Friday

By Nik


Welcome to Your Daily Concept – today we will announce the winner of the iPod raffle from the Internet Retailer 2010 Conference & Exhibition that we visited last week in Chicago. First we want to say welcome – as a courtesy to everybody who entered our iPod raffle, we have signed you up to receive Your Daily Concept, a video blog that features tips, tricks and lessons on SEO, PPC, Conversion and E-Mail Marketing – from our team here at Exclusive Concepts.

So now that you’ll be receiving the e-mail series, Your Daily Concept – you need to know what this is all about. Well, every single weekday, we produce and launch a new video. On Mondays, we teach SEO – some popular topics recently have been the Google May Day Update and a tutorial on How to Rank High in Google. Tuesdays focuses on Pay-Per-Click, with some breaking news topics such as the Google Remarketing Launch and Updates we saw in 2010 within Google’s Content Network. Mind-opening ideas are presented in the Wednesday series on Conversion, including the popular videos “How Color Impacts Conversions on Your Website” and “User Segmentation: The Ultimate User Experience”. E-Mail topics presented on Thursday are great for both the beginner and the most seasoned e-mail expert, including instructional topics such as how to send Apology E-Mails the right way and How Often You Should Send E-Mails to your reader base. Every Friday we go a little wild and bring cutting edge news to your emailbox – some popular installments include: “New Requirements for Google Product Search Listings” and the recent “Google Caffeine: What Is It and How Does Is Work?” We hope you enjoy watching these videos and learning from them as much as we enjoy making them.

Quick reminder: next month’s Webinar is at noon on the last Wednesday of July. The topic: The Effective Approach to Increase Conversion Rates for Your Online Store. Sign up at and join VP of Product Development, Dan Theirl, and myself, Director of Client Services, Nik Rajpal as we strategically challenge and help our audience overcome the mundane conventional acceptance of the 1% conversion rate – or as I call it, turning away 99 out of every 100 visitors to your site.

And now for the winner. The winner of the iPod Touch is: [watch the video to find out]. Congratulations to the winner who is being contacted and sent his prize. Thank you all for entering our raffle and enjoy Your Daily Concept.