Introducing the SMB Email Marketing Package

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Earlier this year we made some incredible enhancements to our Optimized Email Marketing service in order to take advantage of all the innovative, ecommerce focused technologies that ESPs have created in the last 12-18 months.  Our goal has been to bring the same data-driven marketing approach that we use for our search marketing and conversion optimization services to help you to increase the lifetime customer value through a more effective email marketing program.

I’ve had the chance to talk with a lot of entrepreneurs, email marketing managers, and small business owners over the course of the last six months, and the common feedback that I hear is that there are two main things that are holding them back from doing a better job with their email marketing.  The first is that while the technology is great, they usually can’t find the time to learn it and implement it consistently to derive maximum value.  The second, as I wrote about earlier this year in the case for outsourced email marketing is that they simply don’t have the bandwidth in terms of resources for efficient execution.

Special Email Marketing Promotion

There are a lot of advanced techniques that the latest and greatest ESP technology enables so you can separate yourself from the pack.  The problem is that most marketers have not mastered the basics and find themselves overwhelmed by the level of sophistication that some ESPs offer.  Our SMB email marketing package is tailored specifically for entrepreneurs  and marketers who want to do the basics of email product and promotion for brand visibility well. The SMB package is an affordable option for etailers who wish to drive tangible revenue and response through a “better than good” email approach.

With the SMB email marketing package, Exclusive Concepts will manage your email marketing campaigns that will enable you to execute on the email marketing basics with maximum effectiveness.  You can select from several proprietary optimized email templates that are customized to reflect your branding and product mix (up to three products or categories). Each campaign can also contain up to 100 words of custom content drafted by Exclusive Concepts’ professional copywriting team. You get  email campaigns that get opened at higher rates, clicked through more frequently and drive more sales using our ecommerce focused approach.

As an ecommerce marketer, this time of year is great for harvesting new email addresses as many of you will be generating more sales in the next 2 weeks than at any other point in the year.  In order to help you leverage all of these new names and put them to use in January and beyond, our friends at Constant Contact have given us permission to give you 20% off your first 3 months of service using their ESP, if you sign up through Exclusive Concepts before December 31st.  For more details, email me directly at or call us at 888-540-7698 today!