Internet Retailer Chicago, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, OneTwoPunch, and More

By Scott

It’s now one full week since Internet Retailer Chicago concluded and i’ve finally found a little time to blog about it. This was my first Internet Retailer and I can say without reservation that i’ll be attending their future conferences. What I liked most about the event was the opportunity to connect with friends, colleagues, and clients from all over the country. It truly seemed like “everyone” was there – and that alone makes attendance compulsory in my opinion.

What I found most unique about Internet Retailer is that while most events related to “online” industry seem to either target large companies or small companies exclusively, this event seemed to be focused on small and medium-sized E-Commerce stores.

My initial reason for attending Internet Retailer was to promote OneTwoPunch, a collaboration between Exclusive Concepts and EY Studios, to offer niche-dominating strategies to the owners-managers of successful E-Commerce websites. Through OneTwoPunch we become the brand and online marketing department for our client-companies and the approach has resonated in a big way. We participated in the Yahoo! Small Business booth and I can’t say enough about the account and program management team there. What a smart and dedicated team!

Next year Internet Retailer will be held in Boston – our backyard. I can’t wait.