Impact: Make sure visitors notice your Change – Conversion Wednesday

By Chris C.

What can you do to make your changes the most impactful on your website??

Impact: Make sure your visitors notice your Changes!

Once you have identified where most of the revenue is generated on your website, your goal is to help visitors convert into customers. You are striving to make your site easier to use, more motivating, and more relevant to their needs.

Tip: Improve your website by making changes that are visible and impactful to your visitor shopping process.

In order to see a difference in your customer behavior, you have to change something noticeable. Changing your footer design is usually not something that will increase your conversion rates by 20%.

Make sure that the change you are making is seen by the majority of your visitors/customers. If there is no change in the way your customer uses the site, then you will see no changes in your test data.

Good areas to start with:

  1. Primary actions: What is the #1 thing you want visitors to do or see on each page? Is it clearly seen or easy to understand?
  2. Distraction-removal: get rid of anything that competes for attention with your primary action
  3. Motivational Elements: free shipping offers, coupons for discounts, product quality, service, and guarantees
  4. Usability: are there any parts of the shopping process that aren’t intuitive or seem long and laborious? What can be done to improve this process?

The majority of items on this list are areas of your site that are either above the fold or something that each customer needs to know/do in order to complete a purchase.