Identify the Biggest Opportunity – Conversion Wednesday

By Chris C.

How can you Identify the Biggest Opportunity on your website??

Traffic: Identify the Biggest Opportunity

The goal of testing is to make more money with the same amount of traffic that is already coming to your website. So, the trick is to start with what is already working.

Tip: When testing, your biggest area of opportunity lies where you are currently generating the most revenue.

This is counter-intuitive to acquisition strategies like SEO and PPC. When you start as a small business, your opportunity usually lies in areas of the market that you aren’t reaching (either starting a PPC campaign or targeting specific organic search terms to take something that has less to get more).

With testing, we want to find where the majority of your sales are coming from and then improve those areas. A 10% improvement on an area of your site that generates 70% of your business is a lot more than a 10% improvement on an area of your site that only generates 30%. This reduces the time required to run a test and ensures that you are getting the highest return for your efforts.