Identify Testing Opportunities – Conversion Wednesday

By Chris C.


Today, we’re going to go over the first steps on how to identify testing opportunities. There are hundreds of things to test on your site (if not thousands), but which ones are worth your time and effort? How do we get started on optimizing and improving your website’s performance?

The first step is traffic. The goal of testing is to make more money with the same amount of traffic. So, the trick is to start with what is already working.

Tip: When testing, your biggest area of opportunity lies where you are currently getting the most traffic.
This can seem counter-intuitive to acquisition strategies like SEO and PPC. With acquisition strategies, your opportunity usually lies in areas of the market that you aren’t reaching (either starting a new PPC build or targeting specific organic search terms).

More traffic also means that the time it takes to run the test will be reduced. So, you’ll be able to run more tests on pages (or funnels) that have a lot of traffic already going to them.

Once you have identified where most of the traffic is on your website, your goal is to help visitors convert into customers. You are striving to make your site easier to use or more relevant to their needs. Help visitors overcome obstacles while shopping on your website.

Tip: Focus on making a change that your visitors will notice AND find helpful in making a purchase on your website.

In order to see a difference in your customer behavior, you have to change something noticeable. Changing the font size from 12 to 14 is usually not something that will make a huge difference in conversion rate because it doesn’t change the way customers use your site.

Good areas to start with:

  • Distraction-removal: get rid of anything that competes with your primary action
  • Primary action: Different variations of your primary actions (buttons, response points, or funnel path clicks) can have a big impact
  • Decision information: what information might they need to make a decision to buy this product from you?

The trick to finding the biggest testing opportunities on your website is to:

  • Find where your site is already getting a lot of traffic. Then,

  • impact the shopping process by making a noticeable change that helps these visitors become customers.

These are the first two rules for determining if the test is worth running. If you don’t have the traffic, it’ll take forever to run the test and the potential return won’t be enough to justify the time spent testing it. My making a noticeable change, you are making sure that the customers notice what it is that you are testing. If they don’t notice your change, they won’t change their shopping behavior!