ICANN and VeriSign Reach Agreement

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Have you ever inadvertently entered an invalid URL and gotten a page containing a list of suggested sites instead of the page you expected? Those suggested site pages have created a lot of controversy.

Originally, if you entered an invalid or non-existent URL, you got an error page indicating that the URL didn’t exist. But VeriSign, the company that owns the .com and .net registries, introduced Site Finderto respond to faulty URLs with suggestion pages instead.

Software and antispam systems that relied on the error messages to distinguish valid from invalid sites have been seriously disrupted by the Site Finder system, and the fact that VeriSign was selling ad space on the suggestion pages only angered members of the internet community and ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) more. VeriSign eventually caved in to the pressure and shut Site Finder down, but they sued ICANN claiming they “unfairly impeded VeriSign’s ability to develop new revenue sources.??

Find out more about the settlement at Designtechnica and read the .com Registry Agreement here.