How to Paint a Logo – Conversion Wednesday

By Dan G

There are 3 main types of logos – learn about them today and create yours!

With Easter rolling around I thought it might be fun bring up the topic of logos. Easter is a perfect example for logos. How many can you think of? You’ve got the easter eggs , easter baskets, jelly beans, baby chicks, and of course, the lovable Easter Bunny.

So what do all of these logos have in common? Well for starters they’re easily recognizable, colorful, simple, unique, and easy to read – text is completely unneeded to describe each and every one. Lets revisit these thoughts more in depth in the coming slides.

Logo Examples

Its been said that Logos can be classified into one of three categories: logotype, iconic, or a combination of both. Logotype logos use stylized text or custom fonts to present the business name. Iconic logos use simple images that link the image to the business without the use of text. Combination logos use both iconic imagery and logotype to build the logo.

Here are some examples of some great logos. Notice how with apple, pepsi and nike, and cbs how the text is completely unneeded for the logo. That the symbol itself can stand on its own and be recognizable, making them “Iconic” and “Combination” logos. And then notice how some logos are dependent on text and could never be used without text, lego, coca-cola, hp, and nintendo are good examples of “Logotype” logos.

And just like our easter eggs a lot of these logos can be colorful, all of them are easily recognizable, unique, and easy to read.

Your Logo

So lets review:

  1. Every logo should be simple enough, so that it can be drawn in black and white in less than a minute. If you are going for an Iconic Logo, Simple Logos should also be scalable and presentable in both color and black and white.
  2. A logo should be easily Recognizable. Don’t pick something that has a chance to be misinterpreted or drawn in a confusing way.
  3. A logo should have the option to be colorful. Something like an anvil or a rock probably wouldn’t be good ideas on this front..
  4. A logo should be unique. Make sure you do your research to make sure a similar logo to the one you have in mind doesn’t already exist.
  5. And last but not least, a logo should be easy-to-read. The less words you can use the better. This is why picking a symbol that is easily recognizable makes the optimal logo, because over time any words to describe the logo become unnecessary as the logo can stand on its own.


So there you have it! Those are the steps to finding and designing the perfect logo with an Easter Twist Happy Easter from all of us at Exclusive Concepts!!

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