Isolate by Device to Better Understand Your Google Shopping Performance

By Google Shopping Team
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It’s no secret that mobile search is progressing by the day, so it is increasingly important to quantify how you’re performing on different types of devices. Analyzing these results ensures that your AdWords investment is profitable regardless of whether these ads appear on a 5- or 20-inch screen. In order to effectively promote your ecommerce store, you will need to know how your Google Shopping presence is perceived wherever and however your ads appear. Mobile PLA differences, user search intent from desktops, and of course mobile site experience will also impact the effectiveness of these ads.

Here are two simple methods — accessible right within the AdWords interface — to determine how your Google Shopping campaigns are doing across different devices.

Method 1: Creating Device Segments in AdWords, Campaign-Level

The quickest way to gather campaign-level results by device is found under the “Campaigns” tab. Once you are within the “Campaigns” tab, click on the “Segment” button to trigger a drop-down menu, then click on “Device” to display the results.

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After clicking the device segmentation button, you should see your campaign results broken out by device:

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This method can also be used at the ad group-level using the same steps; however, there are other ways you can review your results in a “by device” format.

Method 2: Viewing Device Settings on the Campaign and Ad Group Levels (and Editing Mobile Multipliers)

Another quick way to do this takes us to the “Settings” tab in the top ribbon of each campaign. For this example, we are going to view our results within a single campaign:

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A set of four buttons is displayed after clicking on the “Settings” tab. The right-most button will be a “Devices” button that will give you a more detailed look at your campaign’s performance by device:

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This method provides the advantage of being able to adjust your mobile bid multiplier while also reviewing your performance over the date range selected. It gives you control of the biggest lever to increase or decrease mobile spend. If performance of this segment is weighing down campaign efficiency, you can raise this negative mobile multiplier to increase the profitability of your AdWords campaigns, thereby allowing you to allocate ad spend toward more efficient areas.

Why Monitoring Google Shopping Device Performance is Crucial

The above methods are quick and efficient ways to review, manage, and optimize your campaigns and ad groups by device. Knowledge and awareness of your business and its results on all devices is critical to maintaining a profitable stream of revenue. It’s imperative to know the behavior of your online shoppers on different devices in order to effectively optimize your ecommerce presence in this increasingly competitive space. Performance levels of these device segments are often changing from month-to-month, so it is important to always be assessing whether you’re investing too much or too little on each segment.

If you ever have any questions about the Google Shopping management of your campaigns, we are happy to help provide some insights.