How to Avoid Duplicate Content – Wildcard Friday

By Joe


In light of recent events, ecommerce website owners are scrambling to write unique content in place of their generic manufacturer provided content on their product pages. Recently, longtail traffic is being hampered by googles new update which omits web pages that contain duplicated content. The fact of the matter is that duplicate content is being penalized more than ever in Google and since a minority of ecommerce websites actually have the time or resources to create unique product descriptions, the majority of sites are being hurt by the new update. But google is not looking to hurt these business owners, it is ultimately concerned with the quality of its search results and the end user. For example, if you were to google jimi Hendrix t shirts and results 1-10 were populated with websites all with the same body copy & products ( because remember, most of these sites all buy from the same distributor) you would most likely not be content with what was served up. So what google has decided to do is to omit the sites from their results that utilize copy already seen somewhere else on the net. Here at Exclusive concepts we have been advocates of unique content for years. Working as an SEO for several years in the ecommerce realm I know first hand of the power that unique keyword rich copy can have on a websites ability to rank for competitive keywords and more so now then ever..

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So, if you are a website owner looking to avoid duplicate content issues. The first thing to do would be to create unique product descriptions for your product pages DO NOT USE content provided by your vendor. I would also look into creating a separate feed for comparison shopping sites such as the and nextag and shop wiki to name a few. please note that unless you set up a separate feed through your xml catalogue the find and other cse’s will most likely been seen as the originator of YOUR content and your product pages will be removed from the index. These feeds are a great place to use the manufacturer content since the unique copy you create should be used only on your own site.
As a further note, Comparison shopping engines are a great way to generate sales provided you are competitively priced, we are in no way saying that you should not use these sites, just make sure you use them the right way without hindering all the hard work you have put into you own site. YourStoreWizards is an excellent resource for getting this separate feed up and running.

Finally, if creating unique content is not something that is possible for your site, having your users create content for you through reviews is a creative option that works. Possibly creating incentives for users to write a review with a discount could be one way to accomplishing your goal. Exclusive concepts also offers copy writing services and we can coach you on how to tackle this seemingly overwhelming project. So give us a call and we can help you get those pages back in the index that you may have lost with the mayday update.

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