How Pay-Per-Click Is Killing the Traditional Publishing Industry

By Herb

Robert X. Cringely, longtime technology columnist is predicting that the publishing industry (magazines and newspapers) is on its last legs. The money graf:

The biggest effect can be seen in traditional markets that have the greatest concentration of Internet users, which is to say computer magazines — a dismal category. Remember the days when PC Magazine was 300-plus pages, looked like a telephone directory, and did product comparisons of 100 laser printers at a time? Those were the days. Today, PC Magazine is half the size it used to be or less, as is nearly every other computer publication. Blame the Microsoft monopoly, blame 9/11, blame the economy, but the real culprits are online users and online advertising, which is to say Google, Yahoo, and pay-per-click.

What happens this week for computer publications will happen next week for other types of consumer magazines and the week after that for newspapers.