Wildcard Friday – How Google Pagerank is Like Lebron James

By Joe


PageRank is one of the most well-known factors of Google’s algorithm. Google has been based on the PageRank metric for over a decade, which determines a sites popularity or importance by judging a variety of factors and giving it a score of 0 to 10. Since the higher the PageRank, the more popular the site is according to Google, many assume that this factor is the be-all end-all of ranking highly on the search engine.

LeBron James is no doubtedly one of the NBA’s greatest players of all time and still has a lot of time left in the league. LeBron is so dominant on both defense and offense and is capable of scoring triple doubles on a nightly basis, many assume that he is the be-all end-all of a team’s chance of winning a championship.

The problem with both PageRank and LeBron James is that many look at them as being the sole contributing factor to success: website owners will focus much of their attention on improving PageRank in order to rank better and increase sales, while basketball teams and fans have looked solely to LeBron to bring their city a championship.

The truth is that PageRank is only one of more than 200 factors in Google’s algorithm that influence a site’s position on the search engine, so it is therefore important to focus on several other factors as well. Some of these factors include on-page optimization, site content, link strategy, and more. To have a successful site, both on and off of Google, it is important for all of these factors to be continuously being improved upon.

On the LeBron side, one single man cannot win an NBA championship. Most sports require a collaborative effort on the whole team to work towards their ultimate goal of taking home the title. Teams not only need a star player, or even three star players in the case of the Heat, but also a good bench, strong defense, and other skills.

Notice how in this example, when I search for “LeBron chokes again” that the first three results are pages with a PageRank of 0. It isn’t until the 4th results that we actually see a webpage that has a PageRank higher than 0. This helps demonstrates how other factors are just as important in success on Google.

So just like LeBron, it’s now time for site owners to make “The Decision”. Are you going to be the type of site owner that only focuses on one factor, allowing the other, more important factors to go unwatched which ultimately contribute to your sites poor performance? If so, you may want to take your talents down to South Beach.

However, if you’re instead going to be a site owner that focuses on all of the important factors that work together into making a site successful, then chances are you will continue to improve your site not only on Google, but through other channels as well.