Holistic Internet Marketing: Email Blasts and SEO – Email Thursday

By Joe


Today we will be covering email blasts and how they relate to your search engine rankings & why using a holistic minded marketer is the right choice for you business.

Now first, I’ d like to first touch upon the recent announcement by Matt Cutts about the increased effort by Google to cut down on duplicated content in their search results.

This is made in an effort to cut down on a large percentage of spammy sites, and content farms creeping up in the search engine indexes and results. At exclusive concepts we advocate our clients have as much unique content on their websites as possible. Even to the point of creating separate content for the comparison search engines. ( this can be done in easily with a dynamic feed and is not as big a process as it sounds)

Now I am not going to harp on the duplicate content issue as this in itself could be its own video. However I would like to segue into how your Email blasts that you are sending to your customers or potential customers, could be creating duplicate content on the internet, and how to remedy this issue.

First I would like to say Email is a great tool for your business. Not only are you putting yourself in most cases in front of previous customers who may be apt to buy but you are also able to create a targeted message through segmentation that very well could be in my opinion the most effective type of messaging to a consumer.

Now, how does this relate to SEO you ask?

It is common practice of Email service Providers to provide a link within their emails to an external webpage or site that contains the same content as contained in the email. This is done because of all the compatibility issues brought into play with browsers, mobile devices, the platforms the recipient is using and all the rendering issues that often arise from trying to cater to so many systems etc.

Basically if you have ever tried to open an email on your blackberry/mobile device and it looked like a jigsaw puzzle gone bad, you know what I mean.

So what is done, is the email is actually put up on a page on the web so that rather then download the email to your device where your gmail or outlook may have stripped all the formatting out, you can actually just visit the webpage.

Now this is where the problems arise…this newly created webpage IS NOT on the clients website, but a webpage created by the email service provider. Which means a separate domain. Also email blasts typically contain product descriptions or content straight off a clients website. Therefore duplicate content issued Will arise unless proper precautions are taken.

Simply by placing a no index no follow tag as shown here in the code of the email will make sure to keep the newly created page out of the search engines index and thus avoiding duplicate content issues.

And it is for small reasons like this that I advocate using a holistic marketing agency when choosing a service provider for your webstore.