Hold Your Hand – Conversion Wednesday

By Chris C.


What do I mean when I say, “hold the customer’s hand?”

This is a very deliberate and clearly messaged way of guiding a customer through the shopping process on the site. We’ve even gone so far as to message “Step 1” and “Step 2” on sites in an effort to remove any confusion.

The goal is to focus on answers to the customer’s top-level questions. Then, message the answers/options to those questions clearly within the shopping funnel. This will get your customers in front of relevant products faster.

Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say you are selling clothing, the biggest questions are probably:

  • Gender (shopping for men’s or women’s?)
  • Age (shopping for adults, kids, or toddler?)
  • Type (shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, shoes?)

If you can answer these main questions, you will get the customer in front of relevant product faster. This sounds like common sense, but it can be tough with products that don’t have a clearly defined segments.

Then, you have to continue the scent trail from step to step properly. If you have the customer select “boys” on a previous page, they should be met with “boys clothing” on the next page. Use the same wording and continuation of theme. Changing messaging or website design can cause anxiety in the customer’s shopping experience.

So, there are three steps to holding a customer’s hand through the shopping funnel:

  1. Make sure you answer your customer’s main questions when shopping in your funnel on the site.
  2. Make sure these answers can be CLEARLY FOUND in the funnel where relevant (as in above the fold).
  3. Make sure to continue your scent trails as they continue down the shopping funnel.

Doing these two simple things will lead to big improvements for your store because it makes sure your customers are finding relevant products during their shopping experience.