Google Loses Market Share to Bing – SEO Monday

By Joe


In a recent Comscore report…Amidst accusations from Google…that Bing has been stealing search results, Bing has actually increased its market share by 21% from December 2010 to through January 2011.

Now I am not saying that these accusations are good for Bings image but it certainly doesn’t seem to have hurt.

So….what does Bing accredit this increase in market share to? Well Bing has claimed that there more personalized results make a better user experience than in the past, also there marketing campaigns have proven to be entertaining AND effective as their increased market share numbers do not lie.

Although Bing’s market share is on the rise, Microsoft has still not found a way to make the engine profitable reporting operation loses of $543 million dollars last quarter.

Compare that to google, with 2.5 billion dollar profit last quarter and suddenly the silver lining for Bing starts to look a bit dimmer.

So in conclusion Bing gets kudos for grabbing more share from the search giant Google however, there is still a far way to go as Google clearly is winning the war on the search front with a still dominant market share of about 67% and higher revenues.

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