Google’s Secret Mission – You ain’t seen nothing yet

By Scott

Ok, maybe I’m slow, but as I make the “blog?? rounds tonight all I hear about is Google Video… and it’s making me think.

Google’s mission is to make all the world’s information “searchable.??

However, it seems that in addition to making everything searchable, they are taking aggressive steps to make the Internet a greater part of our daily lives… even more so than it is now.

I love the television show “The Office,?? and now I’ll be able to download any episode straight to my computer. I can play it on my computer, on my TV, on my IPOD, and soon I’ll probably be able to watch it on my cell phone.

As this evolves, and people start relying on the Internet for television, traditional advertisers will need to adapt. Google, Yahoo et al are bringing consumers online like never before. Advertisers whose main objective is to “market to people where they hang out?? will need to find MORE creative new ways to advertise online.

No doubt…. Companies like Google and Yahoo will satisfy that need. The problem for traditional advertisers is that Google seems to believe in the market-place approach which will allow small businesses to test the same marketing campaigns that large companies do on a smaller scale. If small businesses play their cards right, and learn how to scale these marketing campaigns from small to large… they may not remain “little?? for that long.

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