Google’s Reconsideration Request Time May Have Dropped Considerably

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Recently, Thumbtack, a Google Capital-funded company that aims to connect people with professionals that can help them finish personal projects, managed to pull off the unthinkable when they reversed a Google-imposed penalty in a week’s time. Previously, a reconsideration resolution could take several months (and multiple attempts), but if Thumbtack is proof, it may be possible to reverse Google penalties in a much shorter time period by addressing the issues and then submitting a polished, concise request.


Thumbtack is funded by an arm of Google, causing stirs within the SEO industry about the company’s request being expedited. But Google’s John Mueller claims that no preferential treatment was given — he said that Google’s Web Spam team doesn’t even have access to the site’s background information to know who owns it or who has invested in it.

Mueller said that the key to a fast reconsideration is to submit a great request that “is really to the point, where you tell us exactly what you’ve been doing, you give us information showing that you’ve completely cleaned up this issue.” So, it seems, if you do a thorough job of cleaning things up and then submit a thoughtful, detailed request, you may be able to get rid of your penalties relatively quickly. So, there you have it. All you have to do is profusely apologize and Google is likely to forgive you, no matter what your experience with reconsiderations has taught you.