Google's Latest Algorithm Update – Wildcard Friday

By Joe

So I would like to lead this blog post off by saying I hate to say I told you so….but…. I told you so….

That’s Right!!!! Today Matt Cutts officially announced that a change has gone live in Google to favor websites with unique content. Apparently this change was done to cut down on the amount of low quality sites emerging in the rankings…and we could not be happier at Exclusive Concepts.

I hate to toot my own horn here but the folks over here at Exclusive Concepts have been touting the benefits of unique content for years so it is always great when Google comes out and confirms a theory. I will refrain from name dropping the folks who have contested our standpoint on this major update over here and will instead default to this image of a t shirt I plan on purchasing in the near future and sending out as gifts to said critics.

Next I would like to take the opportunity to give Google a big thumbs up on this change. For too long have shopping portals been wreaking havoc on our webstores. So thank you google for giving websites that take the time to carefully craft product descriptions a fighting chance.