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By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Google Earth under fire as many government officials wonder if it gives just too much information to potential terrorists.

If you haven’t downloaded Google Earth, you won’t be able to be an armchair traveler. Mike Fay’s Megaflyover images are now incorporated in the National Geographic’s Tracing the Human Footprint in Africa in The Illuminated Continent.

Google getting into real estate? Is Google Earth digging deeper? Why not with its Google Earth’s satellite mapping service. Well Google’s in talks with commercial real estate’s largest data providier, CoStar. The company tracks more than 200 bits of data on commercial buildings in the 80 largest markets and is expanding into 200 markets and speculation is rife

Five major publishers sue Google to stop scanning. They say that Google’s plans to scan millions of library books is a blatant violation of copyright law. Simon and Schuster, McGraw Hill, John wiley, Penguing Group ad Pearson Education are not the only ones suing. Last month the Author’s Guild which has some 8000 members filed a class action suit alleging Google’s library project violates copyright law. Google calls the program Google Print which allows you to search the full text of books

Google CEO Eric Schmidt wrote in Books of Revelation for the Wall Street Journal said

Google’s job is to help people find information. Google Print’s job is to make it easier for people to find books. When you do a Google search, your results now include pointers to those books whose contents, stored in the Google Print index, contain your search terms. For many books, these results will, like an ordinary card catalog, contain basic bibliographic information and, at most, a few lines of text where your search terms appear.

Google’s open code allows any programmer to create mashups. The New York Times calls it A Journey to a Thousand Maps Begins with an Open Code.

We are seeing just the beginning – check this out.

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