Google Updates its Toolbar (Push/Pull Navigation) – Online Marketing

By Herb

According to John Battelle (and important for online marketers), Google is updating its toolbar. That’s great for SEO and PPC people because it could help people navigate the web by doing more and more searches. Not having to type in “” every time you want more information on a subject, will help overcome that last bit of laziness we all have in us from getting used to computers doing everything for us.

Why is this so good (a great question in light of the fact that the toolbar will probably be downloaded by a few million more people… which in global terms/the scale we place advertisements on is nearly insignificant)? It’s good because it will help those people become more “pull” oriented in their websurfing. Push v. Pull is a way to describe people’s interaction with their media experience. Push media is forced upon you like a television commercial, radio advertisement, or pop-up window. It’s annoying, it’s expensive, and it’s also an ineffective way to advertise.

“Pull” interaction is when we intentionally experience a piece of media or advertisement. The best example is doing a search online. You are always in control of what you see, even if you click on one of the ads on the right hand side of Google. It’s always your impetus that fuels your experience.

Better yet, advertisements in the context of “pull” media are barely seen as advertisements at all. We stay out of the user’s way until that person thinks that our ad is so relevant to their experience that they just have to click on it. If you want good ppc results, then cover your computer with post-it notes with “BE RELEVANT” in big, bold letters while you write your ad copy. People in online marketing need to realize that they no longer need to go fishing for customers. They need to relax and benefit from the fact that, when people are using “pull” media, their customers are, in fact, fishing for them.