Google Updates Adsense Contract – online marketing gets slightly more transparent

By Herb

We’re finally one step closer to having full information disclosure from Google- they just made it legal for their Adsense clients to post their earnings.

That’s good for us/our clients because it’s a step in a direction we’re we’ll get to know where our “content”-based advertising is showing up and on which keywords people are clicking outside of When we know that, we’ll be able to tweak our clients ad campaigns even further.

Someone’s already put up a site taking advantage of this already:

It lets people put up their adsense earnings so that others can search it. It will make the market more transparent (and more profitable for people who take the time to learn the market), and move us that much closer to having a market other than Ebay that gets anywhere near the mythical world of “full information,” as opposed to “bounded rationality,” decision making.