Google Shopping Most Frequent Questions

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Exclusive Concepts’ James Arredondo sits down with Director of Paid Search Matthew Umbro to talk about some of the questions we’re often asked about Google Shopping.

Here are some of the questions they cover:

  1. What is a product feed?
  2. What is Google Shopping?
  3. What is Google Merchant Center?
  4. What are Product Listing Ads (PLAs)?
  5. What are auto targets?
  6. Should I create a separate PLA campaign outside of Search and Display?
  7. How does Google know which products to show for various queries?
  8. Do I need to add keywords?
  9. How do I bid on PLAs?
  10. Can I add promotional text to my PLAs?
  11. How can I view PLA performance?
  12. Can I add negative keywords?
  13. How can I effectively optimize my product feed?
  14. What are the “AdWords_Labels” and “AdWords_Grouping” attributes?
  15. Can I give greater prominence to certain products and suppress others?


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