Google Shopping 101 eBook Chapter 1

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Ever since Google announced that its Shopping service was switching from a free to paid model, “Google Shopping” has been on the lips of every marketer and e-commerce merchant. It’s an existing service from Google that has been completely transformed to a pay per click model, and it offers massive potential for expanding your advertising reach and growing your business.

Early case studies from Google and Exclusive Concepts have not only shown that Google Shopping a highly effective advertising medium, but it can lead to significant, incremental increases in sales and revenue for your business. So we’ve created an easy to understand guide to Google Shopping we’re distributing for free as an ebook.

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In this e-Book, you’ll learn exactly what Google Shopping is, how you can get started, and how you can employ a multitude of techniques to significantly grow your online sales.

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We’re breaking this ebook into 4 parts for easy consumption and will be publishing each over the coming weeks:
Chapter 1: Google Shopping 101
An overview of what Google Shopping is, its impacts on shopping behavior, PPC management.
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Google Shopping
How to build the foundation for your Google Shopping advertising
Chapter 3: How to Master Advanced Labeling & Feed Optimization
An overview of how to optimize your product feed to maximize your advertising results
Chapter 4: Advanced Campaign Targeting and Management
How to build highly targeted campaigns and refine them even further through optimization

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