Google Phone Extensions – PPC Tuesday



Today I’d like to show you how to set up a new extension ad type from Google, Phone Extensions. The New Year is a great time to look for new opportunities to make PPC work harder for you. Phone Extensions, which were released late last year out of beta, are a great way to grow your PPC opportunities and to get some quantifiable data on phone calls that are generated to your business from search engine searches.

Phone Extension Ads are a new Ad Type from Google that allows you to drive customers to a toll-free phone number that is included in your PPC ads. Phone Extensions are easy to enable, and allow you to display a phone number within your ad without using up your ad copy characters. Additionally, Phone Extensions allow you to track phone calls from customers and give you quantifiable results.

These ads work very well in retail areas where a customer will need to speak directly to a sales rep to get a quote or give more information. I’ve used the example of a search for a local mover above. These ads also work great when your demographic is a bit less tech savvy and generally like to have a conversation with a person before completing the sales cycle.

Phone Extension Ads can be set up in the campaign view. Go to the Ad Extensions tab in your campaign, and then in the “View” menu, select “Phone Extensions”. From here, you can select “New Extension,” and you will be able to access the phone extension form.

You’re able to extend your ads with a phone number that you enter, and you can specify if you’d like the number to be clickable from mobile devices, and you’re also allowed to select Call metrics in order to track calls from your ad.

Ads will be delivered as usual within your campaign, but the phone number will be displayed next to your headline. This represents a huge improvement from using part of your description characters to include a phone number.

Once you’ve set up your Phone Extension ads with Call Metrics, you’re able to see their stats by selecting the “Columns” Option from the campaign level. At this point, you’re able to select “Call Metrics.” This gives you the option to see the number of calls, missed calls, received calls, the total duration of your calls, and the average call duration.

This gives retailers the opportunity to market to consumers who might normally not be reachable by pay per click, and also gives business owners the chance to see how efficient their phone services are. Measuring metrics like missed calls can give business owners an opportunity to see potential customers that might not be getting served as well as they’d like.