Google Page Speed Online – SEO Monday

By Joe


Page Speed Online was newly released at the end of March in Google Labs and is meant to analyze a websites performance with specific recommendations for improvement. Faster loading times of web pages generally contribute to higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates, but it is also an important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

To use Page Speed Online, go to, enter the URL you’d like to analyze, and then click the “Analyze Performance” button.

Next, a summary and detail page will appear with all of the recommendations, in prioritized order, to help you improve your page speed. To learn more about a specific recommendation, you can click the hyperlinked text in the left hand nav column or under the Details section on the page.

Once you’ve clicked on one of the suggestions, you should then see a screen appear as shown that breaks down the specific suggestion into several recommendations. In this example, I’ve clicked on the Optimize Images suggestion and it is showing that several of the images can be further optimized to help improve page load time by compressing them.

My favorite feature of Page Speed Online is how they help in prioritizing the provided recommendations. If you are a site owner with very little time or resources to address all of the issues, you still can make minimal efforts by addressing some or all of the High Priority issues, which should also give your site the biggest gain.