Google Pack – Why Bother?

By Scott

I love Google, but I’m having a hard time understanding their recently touted “Google Pack.??

When I visited the Google Pack page on, I was shown a selection of different software products that I could download to my computer.

Here’s what I selected:

Ad-Aware SE Personal (the free version, not the “paid?? version), Adobe Reader (the new, faster one), Google Desktop, Google Earth, Google Toolbar for IE (no option for the FireFox toolbar), Mozilla Firefox, Picasa, RealPlayer, and Trillian (let’s you log in to AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger at the same time).

Here is what I don’t understand…

All of this software is already available online, for free!

Google basically packaged a bunch of free software you can get anywhere else using a spiffy download tool. Are these essential programs for web users? Sure, but I don’t understand why Google is promoting it as something special.

If Google wanted to add real value, they would spring for the pay version of Ad-Aware, and of the anti-virus program they allow you to download… like AOL does. Google has set the standard so high that I was just flat out disappointed by this.

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