Google may lead in searches, but Yahoo! Influences buyers

By Scott

BIGresearch’s latest “Simultaneous Media Study?? (SIMM) attempted to understand the influence of Internet Advertising on purchase decisions based on search engine preference.

Here are selected results in terms of percentage influence (the % influence on purchasing decisions)…


Google: 30.5%
Yahoo: 27.5%
MSN: 24.9%
AOL: 23.9%
AskJeeves: 20.8%
All: 26.7%


Google: 15.1%
Yahoo: 17.6%
MSN: 16.1%
AOL: 17.8%
AskJeeves: 14.1%
All: 15.1%

Telecom Services

Google: 10.3%
Yahoo: 10.1%
MSN: 9.7%
Ask Jeeves: 9.6%
All: 9.6%

Home Improvement

Google: 9.3%
Yahoo: 11.6%
MSN: 10.2%
Ask Jeeves: 10%
All: 9.6%

If we tally the ranking of search engines’ influence on category purchase decisions we find Yahoo at No. 1, with a score of 13, with first or second place finishes in every category; MSN No. 2 at 21; AOL No. 3 at 23; Google No. 4 at 26 and Ask Jeeves No. 5 at 32.

What this means for advertisers and marketers: Yahoo is the best place for internet advertising to have a direct effect on purchase decision by category of merchandise.

Thanks to Joe Pilotta at IMediaConnection for the tip.

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