Google Blog Search – Good for Business

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Google Blog Search in beta opens to great reviews.? Microsoft’s Scobel says, it makes a great first impression.

Wow. Wow. Wow.? Why wow?? Because it’s so freaking fast.

It’s a great way to find blogs on any topic.

Search engine optimization, one reason to start a blog, serves small business blogs the best.? Google Blog Search will prove that again.

Enhancing reputation and credibility is often the reason consultants want to begin blogging.? For big corporate blogs, presenting a human face and engaging in dialogue with customers is often the primary benefit.

Here’s just a small slice of some business blogs you might want to look at.

Big corporate blogs

Walmart’s blog is featuring stories of hope, tales of relief and recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

Sprint has a business blog that it also uses to route customer complaints to the right person.? Hat tip to Steve Rubel of Micro persuasion fame who gives it kudos.

Small business blogs somehow seem to work the best

The Tax Guru -Kerry Kerstetter, CPA

English Cut – Tom Mahon, the Saville Row tailor from London

The Tin Basher has increased its business some 35-45% for its sheet metal

Signs Never Sleep from the Lincoln Sign Company.

Consultant and author blogs

Tom Peters brings us dispatches from the new world of work and shares his powerpoint presentations from his speeches.? He also offers an aggregator service on the new business world called the TP Wire Service

Terrible business blogs

Juicy Fruit

Sports blogs

With the money he made from founding MicroSolutions which he sold to Compuserve and from co-founding which he sold to Yahoo, Mark Cuban, bought the Dallas Mavericks, founded HDNet, an all high-definition television network and started writing a blog – Blog Maverick.