Google Analytics Gone Awry

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Back in March Google acquired a company called Urchin, and they just launched Urchin’s service under the name Google Analytics. The renamed service, which Google is offering for free, has been so popular that Google has had to put a hold on new signups for now.

But in spite of the demand, Anlaytics users who did manage to sign up or who were already customers of Urchin are complaining about problems with the technology. Ethan, a customer of Urchin, has detailed on Ono Blog the problems he’s had in the transition to Google Analytics. After having trouble with his login failing and causing his other Google logins to fail, he had to wait 24 hours to get any data from Google. From Ethan:

Right now, I feel like Google doesn’t care about me enough as a customer to tell me that they’re changing a product I pay for. They don’t care enough about me as a customer to make sure that my login doesn’t change, or that they at least ask or warn me before changing my login. They don’t care enough about me as a customer to make sure that the re-launch of their product doesn’t dramatically impact the people who are already paying them lots of money.

SEOToolSet sees a pattern here:

This isn’t the first time Google has stopped a project after roll out and it’s becoming familiar. Google puts out a new product. Various people react in joy and outrage (sometimes the very same people), Google underestimates the reaction and adoption, Google freezes the project. Most of the time, this gets shrugged off because after all, it was a beta project. However, Analytics is different. It wasn’t a beta project but they still treated it as though it was.

On the Sonoma Partners blog, Mike Snyder was also frustrated with the new service:

I still admire Google’s products, but they really fumbled the ball with this Analytics launch. I assume they will get Analytics working correctly eventually and I’ll love the service. Let’s just pray they don’t make this type of mistake again.

Even though bloggers have been busy expressing their frustration with Analytics, Google hasn’t posted anything about it on their blog. The only word from them so far is the message posted on the Analyics home page:

Google Analytics has experienced extremely strong demand, and as a result, we have temporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity. In the meantime, please submit your name and email address and we will notify you as soon as we are ready to add new accounts. Thank you for your patience.

More about the problems with Google Analytics on ZDNet.

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