Google Adwords Remarketing Launched! – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin
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Today’s date is Tuesday March 30th and today’s topic is a current event: Google Adwords Remarketing has recently been launched. My name is Kevin and I will be your guide through today’s exciting topic. Google AdWords Remarketing is a new offering from Google that was released last week. Not every account has this feature available to them but over the next few weeks you should see the option with your campaigns. Today we will introduce Google’s approach to remarketing. In the coming weeks we will dig deeper into this growing opportunity for Google AdWord’s account holders.

While remarketing itself is not a new concept and has been popularized by companies like Fetchback, Google offers a unique approach with remarketing to past visitors of your site through Google’s content network. Google’s content network gives you the opportunity to leverage it’s massive reach of over 80% of the internet.

The Remarketing tool is accessed and used within the Google AdWords interface. Much like conversion tracking in AdWords, this is done by placing the new Google Remarketing code on key pages you wish to tag – these pages will then place cookies on visitor’s computers and the cookie will stay on their computers even when they leave your site. As those past visitors continue browsing the internet and visit sites within Google’s content network the cookie is identified by Adwords and triggers the corresponding ad for each Remarketing campaign. It’s also worth mentioning that if you choose to create an audience to target that has made a purchase you are able to use the existing AdWords conversion code on your checkout page.

Google’s Remarketing tool allows you to create an audience list that targets a certain group of visitors to your site based upon certain pages visited, purchases, abandoned shopping carts, and even advanced lists combining different pages events so you can target every stage of your sales funnel. These audience lists are created at the ad group level within a content campaign. Google gives you the ability to create any number of audience lists as well as combine lists and create negative lists. This allows you create very targeted text or display ads that allows you to speak directly to each audiences and have unique offers and value adds for each of them as well. It is important to note that for each page that you wish to create a Remarketing campaign for there must be 500 visits to those pages. This is in an effort to not barrage the same 10 people with your adds repeatedly.

Let’s discuss how Google’s Remarketing tool can be utilized in a few different ways.

One example of this would be if you owned an online printer and print supply store. If someone purchases a printer from your store you now know that in the next month or so that they will need more ink. You can create an Audience in AdWords of everyone who made a purchase, and that will target this audience 30-60 days from their purchase. So now when they are browsing sites within the content network you can trigger an ad that specifically addresses their need. The ad messaging can be as direct as “Need more Ink for your HP Printer? Take an extra 10% off your order now”.

Another option is that you can re-engage someone that came to your site, viewed a piece of stereo equipment, added it to their shopping cart, and then left without buying. Maybe they wanted to see if they could find it cheaper or do more research. You can create another targeted Audience within Google AdWords to display a specific ad to this group of people with a special discount offer. Now if they are surfing the internet reading reviews about stereo equipment they can encounter your ad that is highlighting the very product that they were originally interested in with a discount offer. This allows you to re-engage them in the buying process and provide them with an added incentive to complete their purchase.

Both examples show an amazing opportunity to reconnect with someone that has already shown an interest in your site and your products.

Remarketing now allows you the ability to stay in customers minds while they are surfing the internet and because the ads are speaking directly to them they are much more inclined to return to your site and make a repeat purchase or buy what they had abandoned the first time that they came to the site.

At Exclusive Concepts we feel that this is a great step towards a personalized user experience for each individual. This approach blends the exposure of the content network and the ability to qualify the traffic similar to search. This means more visibility for your online business but in front of the right eyeballs.

That completes today’s Daily Concept for PPC Tuesday. Did you know that Exclusive Concepts offers PPC management? If you would like to learn more about our Profitable PPC service please feel free to contact us for a free PPC Audit at 1-800-504-4324