Google AdWords Gets 'Store Visits' Metric to Show Brick-and-Mortar Impact


For businesses that have struggled to correlate reverberations from their online efforts with brick-and-mortar foot traffic, it’s time to rejoice. Inside AdWords, merchants will now see “Store Visits” factored into “Estimated Total Conversions,” helping them concretely quantify something that was once difficult to gauge. While online-only stores can essentially ignore this development, those with busy brick-and-mortar locations should be able to lean on this new-found information from AdWords to make future adjustments.

The way it works is fairly simple. By monitoring users that have geo-positional tracking enabled on their Android or iOS phones, Google is able to tie brick-and-mortar store visits to users’ online search activities, crediting the business when a search results in a store visit offline.

Although it remains to be seen what the limitations of the new metric will be, if any, the development is certainly one that’s worth monitoring. For more information on the new “Store Visits” metric, read Search Engine Land’s coverage of the story.