Google Adwords Editor Version 9.5 New Updates – PPC Tuesday

By Matthew


My name is Matthew and I am a PPC Specialist at Exclusive Concepts. Today, I will be going over the most recent version of AdWords Editor, Version 9.5. Before we discuss the improvements in the latest version of AdWords Editor let’s review the benefits of this tool.

Editor allows you to easily:

  • Update text ads. For example, say several ads in your campaign are going to a landing page that does not exist anymore. You can select all of these ads and in one motion update the destination URL. Or perhaps there are prices in your ads that need to be adjusted. You can highlight all ads and use the find and replace function to update.
  • Editor allows you to change bids. You can select any number of keywords and update your bids. Or you can choose to increase or decrease bids by a certain percentage and apply to a set of keywords.
  • Editor also allows you to search for duplicate keywords across your accounts so you won’t be competing against yourself for specific terms.

These are just 3 of the benefits of AdWords Editor. The more you use Editor, especially with larger accounts, the more benefits you will find and ultimately the more time you will save.

The Updates

With version 9.5, the platform continues to improve with both features and functionality. You can also read the official release notes from Google, but the improvements I find most beneficial are:

  • The campaign settings area. You will see in the image that the “Enhanced CPC,” “Delivery Method,” and “Ad Rotation” options are all highlighted. With previous versions you were not able to edit these settings within Editor as you had to wait until the campaign had been uploaded to the AdWords interface.
  • Another improvement is the ability to create and modify location extensions. As extensions become more prominent in AdWords greater functionality is necessary in Editor. The previous version of Editor added Sitelinks while the Location extension is now available. Hopefully, Product and Call extensions will be available in the next release!
  • Yet another improvement is support for AdWords Campaign Experiments (or ACE). With ACE you can make changes to bids, keywords and ad groups and test against a control. Similarly to location extensions, ACE was not available in previous versions of Editor, but now is.
  • One minor update is the visual aspect of how active and paused keywords are shown. Instead of text for each keyword saying “active” or “paused” we now see the images that are shown within the AdWords interface. Again, a minor update, but it helps makes Editor a bit more visual.

We also want to open up the door to your feedback! If you have any questions after watching this video, send an email to blog@ exclusive If we choose your feedback for a video we will email you to let you know when it goes live! Thank you, this has been Matthew for Exclusive Concepts Daily Concept: PPC Tuesday.