Google Adwords Display URL Breadcrumb Trail – PPC Tuesday

By Profitable PPC Team


Learn more about the beta release of Adwords Display URL Breadcrumb Trail.

My name is Brian and I am a PPC Specialist at Exclusive Concepts. This week’s topic will be discussing the newest breadcrumb beta trial enhancement to AdWords Display URL.


The use of breadcrumb threads are very important part of setting a site’s hierarchy structure. When looking at the usability of the site, having a breadcrumb trial is important to determine that users are easily able to find their way around the site regardless of which landing page they originally landed on.

For huge websites, enabling the use of breadcrumbs can be an ideal way to help users determine where they are located within the site.

Organic Breadcrumb Types

To dust off our SEO hat’s in reviewing the different types of breadcrumbs available in Organic search results, there are three main types:

  1. Location-based breadcrumbs. These show the user where they are within the hierarchy of the website. These are used when a user is more than 2 levels into the navigation process from the main page of the site. Each link from the left on shows the higher level from where the current location is on the far right. This will be the default option for how it is utilized within PPC which I will go into more detail in a couple slides.
  2. Path-based breadcrumbs show the steps taken by the user to get to their current page. It follows a more dynamic reach in showing what was visited prior by the user following where they are at that moment.
  3. Lastly with attribute-based breadcrumbs the characteristics and features of a particular page are shown. The example above shows a search for electronics that are specific to computers and computers developed by Dell.

What Organic Breadcrumbs Look Like

So what do Organic Breadcrumbs look like.

Well if your out at the supermarket it would like these. While inviting and tasty looking, it is not that.

Some examples are this ad that provides useful data about the Spidersapien ProductWiki page. In addition to the targeted search that the site has a much wider offering and has additional products and/or offerings. Being highlighted in green allows a hyperlinking capability to be taken to that specific location, much like what site links currently does in AdWords today. This allows for the user an ability to broaden their search horizon and explore other alternatives from the site.

The next example is similar in showing the depth within the page that the targeted search resides. While on the target site for how to make granola it would have a hierarchy structure such as this, the path is long enough that it would be difficult to visually show the complete path on the organic result. Therefore the organic ad shows up with a search result pointing out the starting section from the home page in which this page resides.

PPC Breadcrumbs

So with what we know about how breadcrumbs look in organic searches, how will they then look in PPC ads?

This feature is still in beta testing among a select few clients at this time. It is something that Google just recently announced.

I think this is something that will be of great benefit when it is able to be utilized. I think of a domino benefit affect that will occur here.

  1. For starters having this on your ad takes up more real estate on the page. That coupled with a strong organic ranking will result in even more validity to the site.
  2. As a result of having a stronger presence, the bounce rate on this page will decrease as it qualifies the user to click and move through the process.
  3. Lastly with an improved visibility and a decrease bounce rate I see conversion rates from these ads rising leading to a more profitable Return On Ad Spend, something your client will give you two thumbs up to, think it’s “very nice” and want to give you a “high five” for your efforts.