Google Admits Releasing New Panda

By Herb

Yep, the zookeepers at Google have done it again, another panda is loose! Google confirmed with Search Engine Land that they released the 20th Panda update (Panda 20) last September 27th. This isn’t just a data update, but an update to the actual algorithm, which didn’t go unnoticed.  On Sept 28 Google’s Matt Cutts announced via Twitter:

But owners of non-exact match domain sites began to notice rankings dropping over the weekend. On October 3 it was confirmed that a new Panda update was rolled out. This update affected 2.4% of English queries in a way that even regular users might notice. Google has promised that this update would continue to roll out further over the next 3-4 days when Matt Cutts wrote:

“Google began rolling out a new update of Panda on Thursday, 9/27. This is actually a Panda algorithm update, not just a data update. A lot of the most-visible differences went live Thursday 9/27, but the full rollout is baking into our index and that process will continue for another 3-4 days or so. This update affects about 2.4% of English queries to a degree that a regular user might notice, with a smaller impact in other languages (0.5% in French and Spanish, for example).”

Of course, between this update and the EMD update, it’s difficult to tell which update has the greatest impact on affected sites. We’ll keep you up to date as we learn more.

In the meantime, we’d like to know Has the latest Panda release affected your site?