Google Ad Preview Tool – PPC Tuesday



This week we are going to explore a very useful tool that Google has just updated to make it more intuitive: the Ad Preview Tool.

If you segment your targeting by device or location, you will want to learn more about this tool!

The Google Ad Preview tool is a great way to see what local SERPs look like based upon Geo-Targeting you set.

If you want to run ads in the Miami metro, but are based in Chicago, you can use the Ad Preview tool to see what the search results look like and get a glimpse at the competition for specific searches.

In January, Google announced updates to this tool – which had been around for quite awhile. They allowed you to test different devices, so you don’t have to buy Ipad to see if your ads are showing.

This week they have added another layer to this tool, by letting you know if your ads are showing. If an ad does show, it tells you which campaign and ad group it is in. If your ad does not show, it gives you a reason.

You do not have to worry about your competition using this tool to click on your ad since everything being previewed is not clickable.

These latest efforts are building upon a strong tool that can provide necessary insight into what you are targeting even if you are not part of that target audience. It helps bring transparency to the advertising process and is a benefit to anyone that needs to target their ads.