Google +1 Available to Websites – Wildcard Friday

By Exclusive Concepts


This week, Google has made the +1 features available beyond search results and now publishers can include the +1 button on their website.

The +1 button appeared in Google Search in March, but now has made its way onto a number of blogs for the first time on Wednesday. It is still an experiment for Google. Users have to opt-in to the feature to see it in search results.

The code is now available to everyone, and is pretty straightforward. Google created a tool that lets you take your pick from a number of sizes and styles and then provides the Java Script that you can paste into your site – Much like how Facebook allows you to input the Like button.

So how does it work?

First Opt-in to Google +1 in your Google Account. This will allow you to start recommending pages and products and see items your friends have recommended as well in your search results.

Look for the +1 button battling for prime realestate on your favorite websites (Next to tweet and Like buttons)

To recommend a site to your friends on Google, simply click the +1 button on the page, and next time they search it will show up in their results. This will make their search more insightful and useful.

To learn more go to or check out the official video from Google go here: