Google +1 and Your PPC Ads – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


As social media becomes more and more a part of our everyday life we are able to get glimpses into what our friends and families are up to.

With Facebook we are able to see what our friends like as far as restaurants, sports teams, clothing brands and so many more interests that people have. Often times interests are shared, after all there is a reason we are friends. Many times I have been introduced to a site or new band because I have come across a friend that likes them already.

Google has acknowledged that this aspect of web browsing is growing at an exponential rate and has now figured a way to introduce this social aspect to your next Google search. Their answer is Google +1.

Now when you are signed into your Google account and perform a search you will see search results as well as ads for sites that your friends and contacts have +1’d in their travels. This offers a personalized web browsing experience as well as making your ad or site stand out amongst the competition as highly relevant to the user.

Google has stated that in order to get started you will need to place small snippets of Javascript to your pages where you would like the +1 buttons to appear. There are a few different styles and sizes that you can choose from in order to fit the look and feel of your site. You can find the code here at

Once the button is on the page and a visitor clicks the +1 button it will be applied to that URL. Now if a friend of that person performs a search while logged into their Google account they will se a +1 next to the PPC ad or organic search result for that site.

In the example shown, Brian is browsing the internet and searching around for news in Spain. He had a great time there on his trip and is itching to go back. While browsing he sees and ad for the hotel that he stayed in while there. He loved his experience there and clicks on the +1 button next to the ad.

A few days later Brian’s friend Sarah is beginning to plan her vacation. Since Brian can’t stop talking about Spain she figured it’s a place she has to go herself. While browsing for flights and accommodations she sees an ad for a hotel and that Brian has +1’d it. Since he is the one that got her thinking about Spain in the first place she figures she will check out the hotel that he is recommending.

With this example, the hotel got the click not by a value add but simply by having the browser identify that a friend recommends it. We all value our friends opinions and that is now being applied to your online experience.

Google +1 is now available to the public after being in BETA for the last few months. As with most Google products, Google +1 will be integrated across all of their product offerings. Currently +1 is being shown in the Android Market, Blogger, Product Search and YouTube.

The one that intrigues me the most is Google Product Search, since you are already able to connect AdWords and Product Search the addition of Google +1 can further strengthen your authority in your marketplace and separate yourself from your competitors.

As with everything, time will tell how this will truly affect PPC ads and performance. Google has already stated that Google +1 will not change Quality Score.

What it does have the potential to do though is create a network of friends and families that now exchange their opinions and past experiences not through word of mouth but through word of search.