Glossary of Online Marketing Terms

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

These should help anyone who feels left behind in the jargon that many companies use. Even people in our company sometimes have to stop and ask “What does MOCTODSTPECNOCEVISULCXE stand for again?” since our minds are always working getting leads and sales, not deciphering industry hieroglyphics. If you have a specific question or if you happen to to know what “MOCTODSTPECNOCEVISULCXE” means, go ahead and jot it down in the comments section; we read them everyday.

The number of web pages that contain a link or links to a given page. Search engines that locate backlinks to measure the value of webpages include: AllTheWeb (Fast), Google (includes AOL and Yahoo), Altavista, MSN and Hotbot.

Competitor Rankings Report
A report that compares one website’s rankings to another.

Conversion Rate
The number of people per hundred visitors that enter a site and do something other than just viewing it and leaving. Depending on the purpose of the site it could be filling out a form, sending you an email, or even purchasing something.

CPC – Cost Per Click
Clients pay for unique traffic generated to their website based on clicks generated by their search engine campaign.

Doorway Page
Currently considered a spamming technique if used improperly and discouraged by most of the major engines, a doorway page is a webpage designed to be featured highly on a particular search engine using tactics that produce the best results for that engine.

Express Feeds
A term to describe Fast’s express inclusion program, Inktomi’s Index Connect service and Alta Vista’s Trusted Feed program.

External Optimization
Generally used to describe links found on other websites to one particular target website which increase that website’s search engine rankings.

Internal Optimization
A classic form of search engine optimization in which adjustments are made to a website to improve search engine results.

Keyword Phrase
Also called a search engine query, a keyword phrase is a group of one or more words that are used to initiate searches in search engines.

A word used to describe a customer’s contact information. Many affiliate programs reward their affiliates for their leads instead of their sales.

Google uses this system to give high-quality sites a higher ranking. The rankings are from 1 to 10.

PFI or Pay for Inclusion
PFI involves paying to have your website visited and indexed by a search engine or directory within a specific period of time.

PPC – Pay Per Click
T hese search engines offer a service in which top positions for specific key phrases are auctioned through a bid-based system. Many PPC venues like Overture, Google Adwords, and Sprinks (recently purchased by Google) syndicate paid listings to other major portals like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and others.

PPC Text Links
A general term used to describe Google’s AdWords, Overture’s Sponsored Listings, and other PPC text based ads that appear on specific keyword searches. Also known as Keyword Buying.

Search Directory (Yahoo!, DMOZ, LookSmart)
Search directory’s utilize human editors to determine whether a site is worthy of addition into their large categorized indexes. Improved positioning is not obtained through internal website optimization.

Search Engine
Search engines link to websites based on their relevancy to a user’s search query and importance placed on sites by the search engine.

Search Engine Marketing
Services offered by specialized internet marketing organizations that may include traditional search engine optimization, market intelligence reporting and traffic building.

Search Engine Optimization
A general term used to describe techniques used to increase a website’s performance on search engines.

Search Engine Placement
Used to describe a website’s search engine position in the listings of search engine queries.

Search Engine Positioning<br />
Search engine positioning describes attempting to improve a website’s specific search engine position in the search engine listings.

Search Engine Promotion
Also used to describe the services offered by most search engine marketing companies, Search Engine Promotion is the act of improving website traffic, brand awareness and rankings with search engines.

Search Engine Query
The word or words entered by an online user in a search engine’s search field.

Search Engine Ranking
The position of a website listing on a search engine.

Search Engine Submission
Registering a website with a search engine.

Search Term
The text that online users enter into the search box of the home page of a search engine. Also known as keyword phrase.

Stands for search engine optimization.

Stands for search engine promotion or search engine positioning.

Site Analysis
A system for search engine optimization specialists to assess a website’s likely rank in search engine results.

A program that automatically finds web pages and sends the links to search engines.

Sponsored Links
Pay Per Click ads displayed at the top and on the right side of search engine results.

Trusted Feeds
This express indexing service offered by Altavista enables database driven and other types of websites to target multiple, pertinent keyword phrases.

A word used to describe different Pay Per Click providers. For example Overture is a provider that sends it’s listings to Yahoo! and MSN among others.