Getting Dell’d

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Has there ever been a better lesson in the power of blogs that what’s happening today to Dell Computer?

When your name becomes the verb for getting poor customer service, like “Dude, You’re Getting Dell’d,” you know you’re in real trouble.

Read what Jeff Jarvis wrote today to Michael Dell.? Dear Mr. Dell

Your customer satisfaction is plummeting, your marketshare is shrinking, and your stock price is deflating.

Today, when you lose a customer, you don’t lose just that customer, you risk losing that customer’s friends. And thanks to the internet and blogs and consumer rate-and-review services, your customers have lots and lots of friends all around the world.

You have to read the whole letter to fully appreciate how word travels around the blogosphere and out to potential customers.? ? As BusinessWeek pointed out, blogs can make or break your business.? You can’t afford to ignore them

Jeff’s friendly advice.

1. Read blogs

2. Talk with your customers

3. Blog

4. Listen to your bad press, admit your failure on your blog, show us how you’re going to improve and let us help.

UPDATE:? Adrants says, Wake Up and Smell the Blog

They have this hands-off approach to weblogs treating them as ignorable rantings of the few and the unimportant. Jarvis explains to Dell and to any marketer wondering about this whole blog thing why they should pay attention to blogs and how they should join the conversation about their company rather than attempt to control it with anachronistic, uninformed marketing logic. All marketing directors should read what Jeff has to say, pay very close attention to it and act accordingly. Lest, one day, you’ll wake up and quietly, all your customers will have left your store.