Get What You Really Wanted (Capturing Post Holiday Sales) – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


Now that the last days of the Holiday rush are upon us, many online business owners are sending off the last few packages out the door to make it in time for the big day.

This is usually followed by a large sigh of relief and a few well deserved days of rest and relaxation.

But often times I have conversations with clients that ask what’s next? My response is simple and cheerful, it’s a new year and it’s ripe for immediate opportunities!

Historically, we have seen January sales continue to ride the wave of the Holidays for our clients.

Brick and Mortar stores are often having sales directly after the Holidays. This is done in an effort to get rid of excess inventory as well as take advantage of the group of people that fall into the “Get what you really wanted” bucket.

Online retailers should take this cue as well and realize that this is a great time to strike while the iron is still hot. People are still in buying mode and looking to get that one thing they didn’t get. All at a great price of course.

PPC is a great way to promote your site’s post holiday sales.

By creating sale specific ad copy you can use coupon codes or other incentives in order to capture traffic and increase your post holiday sales. As discussed in this very blog in past PPC Tuesdays, you can now utilize Remarketing ads to reach people that had come to your site in the recent weeks and look to reengage the customer and get back that sale.

Also discussed in this blog, Product Listing Ads are yet another tool in AdWords that can be used to standout from the competition. You even have the ability to include a coupon code to further entice the shopper.