Get Ready for Blogvertising

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

At a panel discussion on “Blogvertising Opportunities??? at Ad:Tech in New York this week, bloggers showed themselves to be quite picky about what advertisers they will permit on their pages. They want the ads to coordinate with the blog content itself:

“If we were approached by Wal-Mart, they would not be appropriate for us,??? Nick Denton, head of Gawker Media, told the audience. His readers, aficionados of what is hip in media, political and tech circles, would not accept any big, mainstream brand, he said.

The dynamic between the content and the ads on blogs has changed because the blogger and the audience may respond to the ad (positively or negatively) in the blog. The line between content and ads is blurred on blogs, and for this reason advertisers are approaching these ads differently. Ad creators are working more closely with the bloggers themselves in developing appropriate ads, and they are willing to experiment with new strategies to reach the audience. Beth Kirsch of describes one strategy that is a variation on product placement:

One approach is not to pay bloggers to talk about a product, but to “get someone to sign up for something while they are having an emotional experience from something they are reading on the blog.???

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