Generic Search vs. Search by Brand

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

When you are analyzing your search traffic, do you separate your branded phrases from your generic ones?

What’s Brand Got to Do With It?

Generic phrases are important for buyers two or more weeks before purchase when they are doing their basic research. But within the week of purchase, the search behavior pattern for buyers changes according to a recent DoubleClick study. That’s when they switch to searching by brand.

Not only should your brand be an important part of your keyword strategy, you should monitor your brand.

The next thing I do with prospects is look at the natural search results for the company name and brand names to see if their customer service department has been doing a good job, or if they have upset any customers who have vented their anger online and achieved a top 10 ranking! It happens more often than you would think, and blogs are making it much more common.

Don’t let someone’s bad experience be on the top ten ranking in a search to find your company or product. Who wants “[your brand] sucks” on the front page of a Google search for any of your customers or prospective buyers to see?

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