Gator Hunting versus Internet Marketing – Wildcard Friday

By Advanced SEO Team


My name is Rebecca and I’m a Search Marketing Specialist here at Exclusive Concepts. Today I’ll be talking about something I know you’ve all been wondering about- hunting alligators and how it relates to success in internet marketing.

The show Swamp People on the History Channel has quickly become my go-to show this summer, and if you haven’t caught an episode, you’re missing out. The series isn’t filled with deep conversations or particularly useful hunting skills, but I have managed to pull for you some themes from the bayou that relate to (of all things) internet marketing.

Thinking Outside the (Tackle) Box:

In one episode, Junior runs out of bait mid-day at the end of the season. Not able to afford the multi-hour trip back for more chicken, he pulls out an old Cajun trick: soaking strips of fabric in the bait bucket and hanging them as he would the chicken. Sure enough, a gator couldn’t tell the difference, and the end of the season was saved by his quick thinking.

If you’re following Google’s best practices and still not seeing results, fear not. SEO is a tricky beast, and it might just be time to try something out of the ordinary. Target some new keywords, freshen up your website navigation, or write some new and entertaining content – a post comparing marketing to gator hunting, for example.

What this anecdote is NOT implying you do is go unnatural in your SEO processes. While the artificial method may have worked for Junior in catching alligators, you’ll want to go the natural route for your link-building. The Google alligator can tell the difference between chicken and an old t-shirt.

Communication is Key:

“Choot ‘em!” – Troy

One of the most obvious keys to success in the swamp is communication between the captain and his assistant. The frenzy of controlling an angry gator results in “shoot it!” repeatedly yelled until the animal is brought on board.

While “swamp talk” is probably not exactly how you want to communicate to your customers, the idea behind it is the same: Keep your message short and direct, even if it seems obvious to you. This is especially important in your PPC and E-Mail campaigns. If customers are unsure of your product and value-add, you will see a lot of wasted impressions and could end up spending a lot of money with little in returns.

Find the Right Helper(s):

“If you think you can do it alone…good luck to ya” – Willie

In the bayou, even the most seasoned swamp veterans require a helping hand to ensure a smooth and profitable season. After all, controlling an 800- pound gator with one hand and hitting the quarter-sized kill spot with your shotgun in the other is no easy feat for one man.

The same can be said for your internet marketing efforts. Managing a full PPC account while keeping an eye on the ever-changing Google updates (and adapting appropriately) can be more than one person can effectively handle – never mind if you bring copywriting and e-mail into the equation. Chances are, if you’re doing it alone, your time and money could be spent more effectively

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