Gaming Grandma

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Barbara St. Hilaire proves that new technology, including even video games, can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The 69-year-old grandmother is a video game fanatic, so much so that her 22-year old grandson was inspired to start a blog about her called Old Grandma Hard Core. The Washington Post just did a story on St. Hilaire describing what a phenomenon she has become:

The blog has gotten more than 52,000 page loads a week. In the past few weeks, St. Hilaire has been featured on Web sites in Norway and Germany. Alex Porter, a senior editor at, was so taken by her that he has hired her to review games for the channel. She accepted. “She’s what we’re calling a senior correspondent,” Porter says with a chuckle.

On his blog, her grandson described St. Hilaire’s surprising passion for video games:

She’s had two knee replacements and countless surgeries. If you were to see her in a grocery store you would see a old, Midwestern diabetic with thick glasses held up by a crutch or a shopping cart stumbling along smiling at everybody. She’s polite, a safe driver, mother of five and grandmother of twelve. She’s great. But if you get her in front of a game she likes, she becomes a monster; a demon who craves the blood, nay- the life-force of her enemies manifested as a swear happy old lady in a comfy chair. She has destroyed many controllers in frustration, already wore out two PS2’s, and will gladly walk into a Gamestop or EB Games with the swagger of one with more knowledge about games and gaming than the teenager behind the counter can ever hope to amass. This blog will be a chronicle to my experiences with this fascinating woman.

Comments on the blog are very positive, with one anonymous responder writing that Grandma St. Hilaire rocks – “My grandma just makes croche toilet paper covers in her spare time.??