For Yahoo Stores: Conversions On Demand 1.0

By Scott

It has been a long time coming, but today the Exclusive Concepts team is pleased to announce the launch of a new suite of hosted conversion improvement software called Conversions On Demand.

As many of you know, we at Exclusive Concepts take the concept of testing very seriously. Testing is the basis for all of our core service offerings. Whether we’re testing new advanced SEO strategies, or we’re performing conversion tests on Yahoo Stores to increase conversion rates, we believe stongly in relying on data to make smart decisions.

The funny thing about conversion testing is that we can only be confident that most of what we learn will be applicable for the site that we’re actually doing the test on. But once in a while our tests yield such consistent results across such a diversity of e-commerce sites that we think to ourselves: everyone ought to be doing this. And that’s why we started Conversions On Demand.

Every product offered through Conversions On Demand ( has indeed been tested and proven to increase conversions on not just one Yahoo Store, but on many Yahoo Stores. For every product we make available on Conversions On Demand there are many that may have felt right and had cool features, but that just didn’t perform.

While we believe that offering products that are tested and proven to increase conversions will be critical to the success of Conversions On Demand, we don’t stop there. Each Conversions On Demand product also comes with these benefits:

  • Easy Control Panel: This user interface provides our clients with the control to easily and quickly configure enhancements, track results, and more
  • Hosted Software: Applications run on our servers and are supported, maintained and upgraded by our staff
  • Plug and Play: Copy and paste code into your website and begin increasing conversions immediately
  • Pricing Model: Our fee structure is designed so that you only pay for what you use, as you use it

Conversions On Demand currently has 3 products, with many more on the way:

  • Daily Deal Bar: Your Promotions. In Your Time
  • Peel Away Ads: Interactive Promotions
  • The Cart Closer: A Second Chance to Close the Deal

Visit today to view our Free 30-Day Trial offer!