Five Pointers on Color Use in Email – Email Thursday

By Ken

Here are a 5 useful tips to Spruce Up your color usage in emails!

1) Colorful doesn’t mean better.

Having too many colors competing for attention (or too much of one color), can translate on the messaging impact getting lost.

2) Brand Consistency.

It would be ideal that we could give each email an unique feel, but we also want to be sure to keep the integrity of the brand and not stray from the overall feel.

3) Optimize scannability.

Use color to draw the eye across the page, separate sections and make certain areas POP!

4) Color implication awareness.

In a retail context, red often means “sale” – but for other types of messaging, it can indicate alarm.

5) Balance & Accentuation.

If done right this can be the difference between an Ok email and a great/effective email.

For example:

If the main color is blue and the secondary colors are orange and yellow, go heavier on the blue and accent with the others.


Color usage is somewhat of a science and art form combined, and when used strategically as a tool to enhance emails, it can make a world of difference on your email’s performance.

Hope this is of some help and thank you for reading.