Finding Exclusive Concepts in a Sea of Sharks

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

“Words and deeds make a perfect man. Speak what is very good, do what is very honorable. The first shows a perfect head, the second a perfect heart and both arise in a superior spirit…it is easy to speak and difficult to act. Deeds are the substance of life, and wise sayings the adornment.”
Baltasar Gracian.

I launched my sales career at Exclusive Concepts in February 2008 with certain life lessons under my belt. My father, a successful sales engineer in his own right, imparted on me values and morals to take with me in and out of the workplace. When I was a kid, he gave me a book titled The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracian. I have referred to this “pocket oracle” during many different phases in my life and today it proves to be just as relevant at Exclusive Concepts.

I have always been able to sell. I was successful in high school business competitions and as a manager of a wine store. When I read the aforementioned passage I realized why a career in sales would be a good fit for me.

It is not because I have some mastery of language or wonderful sales pitch (although it helps). It is because I have been lucky enough to associate myself with the best companies and ideas. I interviewed with lots of companies in the last year. I entered each meeting as if I were a potential client. This was the place I was going to be spending 75% of my day, “you better be good,” I thought.

At Exclusive Concepts they were great…now we are great. We are a team of unique individuals working towards a common goal; the success of your company.

So, I am here today building relationships with the best internet marketing firm in the country. If you are pursuing other firms, the most important advice I can give you is to seek out a company with a clear moral back bone (here is ours).

I speak to so many CEO’s, CMO’s and E-Commerce Owners that have been burned by internet marketing firms. How can we form positive relationships in an industry full of sharks?

I could try to come up with something cute here, but I am going to kick it to my boy Baltasar;

“An honorable person. Good conduct has departed, debts of gratitude now go unpaid, and few give others the treatment they deserve…Take notice of the bad behavior of others, not to imitate but to defend yourself from it. Your own integrity can be ruined by the ruinous behavior of others. But the honorable man does not forget who he is because of what others are.”